iPhone 5 Latest Leak, Rumors, and Release Date

iPhone 5. a lot of rumors circulating about the release date and specs of the iphone 5, many of which circulate the media leaks about the specs and release date iphone 5, and here are latest leaks about the iphone 5, which we quote from The New York Times.

The new generation of Apple's smartphone is the middle of entering a period of trial production. Devices that will clad the metal chassis is said to have been equipped with antenna technology will be marketed better and start the third quarter of 2011.
iPhone 5

iPhone 5 will be equipped Near Field Communication Chip(NFC). With this technology, users can perform transactions iPhone 5 directly with the device closer to the wireless communications device based pay.

Earlier, The New York Times quoted two different sources stating that Apple has plans to add the NFC chip to the smartphone product. However, there is no confirmation whether it will be starting the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is probably already using Apple's dual-core processor A5. The processor that was first used on the iPad 2 it offers speed the process of computing than Apple's nine-fold A4 in use today.

iPhone 5 release date :
According to CNET UK, iPhone 5 release date is likely to be September 7th 2011. We guess this is the first exact date prediction about launch of the next generation iPhone.

that's  apple iphone 5 leaked we get, if we get the latest leaked on iphone 5 I'll update on this blog. so stay tuned on Famimbex Media Online. and feel free to subscribe in our RSS Feed.

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